Wednesday, January 29, 2014


The Jeopardy watch party was awesome last night. More people than I knew I knew came to see me at our tiny house in Broadview Heights -- enough to overflow our living room -- and I'm still reeling from the deafening cheers at my come-from-behind victory to snap up $37,200 and come back to be tonight's returning champion!

And it's not just my friends: I've somehow been able to make a splash on the Twitterverse, thanks to my wife Eliza's obsessive retweeting of all the most... colorful of the reactions to my victory on Twitter and my self-conscious responses to them. I even got reblogged here:

Anyway, while there's no formal watch party tonight I hope you all get in front of your TV sets to see if I can continue the trend! If nothing else, hopefully this exposes more people to my dulcet vocal stylings (one Twitterer already expressed the opinion that I must be a closet phone sex operator, so I must be doing something right...)


  1. As a former Tournament of Champions finalist, I am enjoying your run on Jeopardy! I like the way you go don't waste time starting at the top of a category so you can go hunting for Daily Doubles. Get that money off the board, I say.

    I can also respect a come-from-behind player, and if you check out my games on, you'll see why. I hope you keep up the good work!

    Doug Hicton

  2. Hi Arthur,
    I'm an NPR producer and we're trying to get in touch with you for an interview about your strategy on Jeopardy! Could you email me with a contact number:
    Kevin Sullivan

  3. Arthur, WTG on Jeopardy! Good luck when you resume!

  4. Abi here, editor in chief at Hyphen, a print and online culture and politics magazine based in San Francisco ( I would like to interview you asap. The interview should only take 15-20 minutes, so I hope you won’t find that too inconvenient. Please contact me at THANK YOU!