Friday, November 1, 2013

Ahoy Clevelanders who will be here in November to welcome me back from my Jeopardy adventure...

So, for everyone who enjoys seeing me be hilarious onstage (hopefully intentionally, sometimes tragically unintentionally) here's another opportunity for you: I'm going to be in the bustling metropolis of Garrettsville, OH at a benefit comedy competition.

The competition is partially based on audience response, so I need all the friendly faces I can get. Pencil it in for 7:00 pm Nov. 16th at Slim &Jumbo's, 8101 Main St. in Garrettsville if you can!

Note: This will be directly after the emotional whirlwind I'm sure my Jeopardy experience will be, so I will either be incredibly elated or deeply dejected and either way have to deliberately suppress all outward signs of that emotion to avoid breaking my Jeopardy NDA. Which will be interesting.

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